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Confira a Letra Good To See You

Erin McKeown

Good To See You

good to see you my friend, travel down your gravel path again
by and bye
thundercloud in a dry rainstorm that's all you are
all noise and no rain
by and bye, by and bye

when i was a child with milk-glazed eyes ears blocked by awe
thunder was thunder no matter no rain that's all i saw

now i see you my friend, glad to see you again
by and bye
ears clear now to hear no fear
by and bye, by and bye

now i'm a child gone far from home, awe stripped away
when i close my eyes want to hear that thunder but all i see is rain

now i need you my friend, do you here me?
i need you again
by and bye
take my ears and touch my fears
all noise, and no rain
by and by