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Confira a Letra Eyes of Darkness


Eyes of Darkness

Throughout our childhood, we live in fear.
Of all that we hear, never-ending tears:
Ignorance so absolute, within their minds so small.
Into the depths of their shadows we fall.
To live and breathe in sadness, pain and agony.
Their mendacious emotions, race through me,
Feeling love and hate for someone untrue.
My cauldron of life, my feelings subdue.
I am still a child:

Ill prepared guardians take care of our existence.
Without thought to their actions of consequence.
The light of our eyes died while we were conceived.
By the whores and sluts, our mothers, their depravity unconcealed.
Souls are left in a desolate place.
Forever rotting, stagnant within the foul waste.
But their corruption is kept, for it has work to do.
Prevaricating young minds, so that they cannot see through.

The lies of society, you're a puppet to perform.
While they laugh with pleasure, as you try to conform.
Why? Question why! Doubt is your only friend!

I have such hatred for these creatures of lies.
Their simple actuality is enough for me to despise.
Am I right to judge their insignificance?
Yes! So are you, those without indifference.

For Satan's mind is vast among those who deceive.
And on those he feeds, those who try to believe.
With their moral fairy tales, and scriptures so frail.
To myself and to Satan, you can hear my hail.

"Zodacare od Zodameranu! Odo cicale Qaa! Zodoreje, lape zodiredo
Noco Mada, Hoathahe Saitan!"

[Quotes taken from "The Satanic Bible" - Anton Szandor LaVey]

[Music - Greg 11/1992]
[Lyrics - Bryan 10/1992]