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Confira a Letra Angelheart, Ravenheart (Act I: Before The Bleeding Sun)

Eternal Tears of Sorrow

Angelheart, Ravenheart (Act I: Before The Bleeding Sun)

The last ray of the dying sun
Was born from the sacred flames
He was meant to be the One

The One to rule the light,
The forgotten son of wind,
The seventh king of the dawn

He was called by the name...Angelheart

The second tide had turned,
Completing the nightly sign
To start a change to come

Blood of a child was shed
To stain the soul so pure
To wake the heart of the Fallen

He started to live again...Ravenheart

Guardians of Light:
"Oh Saints we believe in, please come with your might
Can't watch him dying
The heart of the night is choking the flame
Can't watch him dying

Oh saints we believe in, he's wasting away
Can't watch him dying
He's losing his wings and the crown of the dawn
Can't watch him dying"

...The new time has begun...

"Unholy troops of the night,
Break the back of the light,
Your Master orders you

Kill the hordes of the sun,
Let the dark age be begun,
Your Master orders you

Let the blade of dark incise
As the moon of blood arises
Your Master orders you

Before the bleeding sun
We'll toast to the Fallen one
As the black dawn greets up all"

Guardians of Light:
"We have to know slaves for the end of time
We have to know writings of the sacred signs"