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Confira a Letra When I was a child


When I was a child

When I was a child
I went into my room
I spent too much time
in my room when I was young

The world was like a dream
The world was in my mind
and I would call the shots
in my mind when I was young

But as the world turned
it forced me off the ground
to step outside my room
and have a look around

But the air is much to thin
and I begin to understand
Than the days when I was king
Are nowhere to be found

I see other kings and queens
They're way across town
but no one talked to me
Until I became nineteen

Now I'm twenty-three
and it still appears to me
That I'd been better off
If I'd died at nineteen

Now I like to ride the bus
and in the bus I'm safe
I've been riding for a while
and I don't want to get of

Coz on each bus stop
The doors will open up
and when the cold wind reaches me
My temperature will drop

And I will surely die
The day that I get off
Coz nothing is like it seems
and it will be the end of me

I went into a state
of academic rage
I wanted for my face
to be on books one day

Now I want my songs to play
on the dance floor every day
and on the radio every day
is where I want my songs to play