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Confira a Letra Titled In Sarcasm


Titled In Sarcasm

before dawn she appears
out of breath, rousing me awake.
"these drunk sunken concrete commercial sluts, oh please care no more"
i was a child then, this was my blanketed basket my river.
to stay the night in another parking lot of a grocery store,
oh i really dont know it changes all the time.

oh listen to me. going on. when all you care to hear is a love song, so here it goes...

i fell in love.
that was it, that was all it was.
i lie awake lose the taste, oh its beautiful.

well as far as marriage goes, you're so sweet, your so logical
thats why im down on one knee begging baby please, marry me.
baby marry me. i'll be there, oh darling i'll be there. wether i love you or not.

so just stay the night in another parkinglot of a grocery store,
oh i really dont know it changes all the time.
i was a child then, i didnt understand the pain in which i was reaching at this point.
oh but you'll honestly carry, come on and carry.

if it's wrong, what's wrong?