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Confira a Letra A Protest In Lines Too Thin To Read


A Protest In Lines Too Thin To Read

A parent walks in on a child cutting them self
Laughs and says youre silly dear, youre only hurting yourself.
So cut deep or dont cut at all
Are u listening?
I dont care what your parents tell you dont cut at all
Oh please be listening..
I dont care what those bastards tell you dont cut at all.

Youre staggering in you find a finger gagging yourself you heave and say im not like those pigs. i dont care whats good for my health.
Controlling the room with tilted thighs
It comes to me as no surprise that i even flicker on my own

Feed the one thats closer
As youre flickering on
Feed the one thats closed
As you flicker

Starving artist you will
I said it before
Shed your burdens and build on

You shed your clothes in spite and whisper i make the demands.

Well im doubting my portrait of skin
But i sure as hell wont find limbs down my throat
The substance of wait defines the beauty laced behind the pride of my even scales they stand alone

So cut
Its not living deeply
No, not at all

You shed your clothes in spite and whisper i make the demands.

You bare these lines to cleanse your system
You bare these lines despite the symptoms

.we wont give up now.