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Confira a Letra Rebuilt The Wick


Rebuilt The Wick

in the silent second of a silent minute, when the candle light ends in gloom
a warm place asks for its shelter, asks what the candle s burning for

getting on when the world is cheating
getting on when the world s so close that we can't get in
the wick works like a twine, flame never been in time
pull it up, the deep blue sorrow
realize a dark tomorrow, if we'll ever have
we made the candles burn, but their use may turn
wanna get another spirit
wanna get another flow showin me the clew, defining me as scarcity
I don t know what to do

tell me the way I need to choose, for that I know my life's in use

gotta get another spirit
gotta get another flow
feel great because I know
the burning tries to handle it, the cold wick watches the show

this is the way I gonna choose, for that I know my life's in use

gonna kill the inner hollow
gonna build a path to follow, following the night
knowing the direction until we're there in eventide

yeah, there's a way I need to choose and now I know my life's in use
I ask you: Is yourself in use?