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Confira a Letra Country road

Every little Thing

Country road

Your so nervous it's the way that I know
The Heat's so high I wanna faint now
You've found another girl it's there in your look
Your lips motion the words like a play

I want you all the same
But I watch you walk away

* I'll let you go
But I'1l remember those days
I'll let you go
When I want you to stay
I'll let you go
And hold these feelings so tight
Instead of saying won't you stay
Inspite of all
I really feel inside
I'11 say goodbye


Your so wide eyed I feel sad I'm so low
To see those tears on your face now
I say 'be happy' but I mean no don't go
Was it pride I didn't stand in your way

I want you all the same
But I watch you walk away

* repete 2x

I'11 say goodbye
oh I'11 say goodbye
say goodbye
say goodbye
I know
Who's gonna buy a lie
Who's gonna buy a lie
Not I