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Confira a Letra One And Only

Everybody Else

One And Only

I can't ever get you by yourself
ooo oooo
i'm so frustrated, wanna ring the bell
ooo oooo
and i've got so much time on my hands now
i don't believe in love
without you, girl, to show me how
but it's got to be right now

*i think we got a chance right now
we only got one, right now
i think i wanna be
wanna be your one and only x2
i wanna be your one*

wallflower waiting for a kiss goodbye
ooo oooo
and you keep dancing like a butterfly
ooo oooo
and all those giggling girls you hang around
they don't believe in love
don't worry love
i'll show you how
but it's got to be right now


i just stepped outside and you were gone
without a wink
the shortest skirts are best at getting lost


never any more than right now
never any less than right now
i think i wanna be
wanna be your one and only