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Confira a Letra Go Home For Lunch

Evil Superstars

Go Home For Lunch

I walk the streets with a cardboard
bullet in my pocket
I wanna find the guy that came
to my door and sold me toiletpaper
and a rocket
Somebody stop me aah-ah
Bring me the heads of the Walshes
O pizzadeliveryninja
Somebody let me

When your time has come
the giant spider has won
don't you think it's time to

got my first true enemy aged 24
good for personality
Well I may kill for granted but
I hurt by mistake
Somebody breath upon me aah-ah
One day I'll be everyone's wrong boyfriend
Somebody dance with me

When your work is done stumble over a gun
don't you feel it's time to go home for lunch

I love people. I really do. Families on a rainy evening
Hmm! Children got beaten too.
When the bell has rung strangled by your lung
don't you know it's time to go home for lunch

Go home for lu-unch drowned in chewing gum
choked in your fun erased by your gummy tongue