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Confira a Letra It's a Sad Sad Planet

Evil Superstars

It's a Sad Sad Planet

I wish today was a very special day
but once again sex got in the way
war is over and I feel lonely again
well it takes a few
and then you've had it
it's a sad, sad planet
a sad planet wasn't it
jesus who said it
it's a sad sad planet
she was working topless in a hospital
she was pretty and not feeling comfortable at all
hoping for angels
it's such a bore
you're a wrinkled mutant before you get it
it's a sad, sad planet
a sad planet
even if you're michael or janet
it's a sad, sad planet
(even the visiting aliens and their crew)
say much ado and too many problems
too well if we'd only listen to our hearts
there'll be only love left to boo
it's a sad, sad planet