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Confira a Letra Your Dump Or Mine

Evil Superstars

Your Dump Or Mine

Tons of marshmallow I sell still there's one thing
I can't tell when you smiled at me oh well
it started to snow in hell 300 miles an hour
I daydream 'bout this pirateweddingbell
I farted as hard as I can and you smiled at me again

your library of kicks your indoor fireworks
your collection of ancient wines tell me what we gonna at ah


Keys of treasures you forgot superstupid things we say
as we meet I can't help moving like a drunken bat
excuse me but your pudding it
tastes like pinguinsweat scientists are examinating
what you actually did with your ex-boyfriend's head

Stars, gnomepuke and soap your zits collideascope
your dragracing in divine tell me what we gonna eat ah


such a charming hateress tell me how can I suffer best
your picturedisc of Gorefest your strange accent
you're so different from the rest

A busload of whores washed up upon my private
shores tell me what's it gonna be ah