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Confira a Letra Insane Future

Explicit Hate

Insane Future

Into the labyrint, I run to see the end
The hunter is running, looking for me
I'm losing all control over my self
Somewhere in my mind, I feel the fright

Blowing my eyes with panic and fear
Now i feel pleasure in my destruction
Madness, I'm here strong and proud
To feel my fuckin suicide

Death, it's the only way
Fear, run in my brain
Disease, eating my flesh
It's the only way

Conquer all planets, no more planets
Just me and you, the "hunter"
I look at you, a smile in your face
Hard and cold, it's all over.

Away from the labyrint i walk in the land
The fuckin sun is burning my brain
Into my madness, I rule the world
Fuck off, fuck off, now I'm dead.