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Confira a Letra The Lies on Your Face

Facing The Plastic

The Lies on Your Face

I'm tired, I can't sleep
The Morning sun is killing me.
A death so grand, no-one's there
To hear my screams, my screams
So blood curdling, it scars the ears
It brings to light, my greatest fears

Standing alone
In the rain
Letting you in
To see my pain

And all too true are the lies on your face.
The body snatches its last fleeting breath
I offer you this final prayer;
Just to clear the stale dry air

And when you're gone
I'll still be here
Left to carry on
What was left behind
to clear the air
I was left here
Just to clear the air
With this final prayer

Standing Alone
In the rain
Letting you in
To see my pain