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Confira a Letra Where You Want me

Facing The Plastic

Where You Want me

It's not the way that I had
Imagined this inside my head
I'm sorry but, I can't see past
I can't see past, the shallow end
It's hard to tell what keeps me here
And why I can't just move along
I feel
so alone
inside of
my head

Am I still stuck here, right where you want me?
Am I alright for you?

And is it me who has to keep
all my feelings behind the bay?
If they get out then you might see
the real me the freak that lives
behind these eyes that insulate
the real world from what's inside
I feel
so alone
inside of
my head

Am I still stuck here, facing the plastic?
Am I alright for you?

Do you even understand what's going on inside my head?
I don't think that you can or ever will.