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Confira a Letra Habbaitak Bissayf (I loved you in summer)


Habbaitak Bissayf (I loved you in summer)

In the cold days
in winter
when the sidewalk is a lake
and the street is drowned
this girl has come
from her old house to await him.

He who had told her to wait
but he has gone away
and forgotten
and she withers away
in winter.

I have loved you in summertime
I have loved you in winter
I awaited you in summertime
I awaited you in winter
Your eyes are summer
My eyes are winter
and our rendezvous my love
is beyond summer and beyond winter.

The strange one passed by
and gave me a message
my lover had written
with his tears
1 opened the message
whose letters were lost
and days passed
years estranged us
while winter had erased
the letters of the message.