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Confira a Letra Kan 'Inna Tahun (We had a windmill)


Kan 'Inna Tahun (We had a windmill)

What sweet nights those were
when love lay in waiting
when you came to meet me
water roaring through the night.

Took us in its tow
we had a windmill
by the waterspring
tacking the squares
planted with shadow
my grandfather used to grind
for the neighborhood
grain and vigils.

People milled
around the squares
some carrying bags
some in cars
back and forth
songs kept roaring
on those roads.

Yay yay yay
O sleepless nights
yay yay yay
the sweet one on my mind
We sang
We sang
We sang on the roads.

Days rolled on
and by and by
the windmill grew silent
on the water's shoulder
my grandfather became
a windmill of memories
grinding out sun
and shadow.