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Confira a Letra Mishwar (Going for a walk)


Mishwar (Going for a walk)

Who circulated the rumor that on my way to school, I stopped to speak to him and that he spoke back to me
The truth is that, I was simply walking by, when it began to rain
and if I did not seek shelter, my school dress would have been drenched with the rain.
Anyway, so what if we did speak to each other
After all, we were young and I even went out for a walk with him.

They said, he threw roses over my bed how would he reach our high window?
How could he recognize which is my bed, and which is my sister's bed?
Oh, how they fabricate stories, Oh, how they circulate a lie
I only went for a walk with him.

They said, twice he held me in his arms, twice and that he pressed
O what a lie, Once, alright, but twice!
they also said my hand never pushed him away and that his thirst was never quenched
How they divulge a secret
I only went for a walk with him.

Yesterday, I saw him in a dream
I was flying in his arms, below, the ground was all spread with jasmines
if my dream would ever come true
why not, for as in a simple walk, in life we are simply passing through.