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Confira a Letra Sa'aluni-n-Nass (People asked me)


Sa'aluni-n-Nass (People asked me)

People asked me about you my love
they wrote letters the air took away
It is too much for me to sing
when for the first time
we are not together
my love.

People asked me about you they asked
I told them he'll be back
please don't blame me
and I closed my eyes
afraid that they might see you
hiding there
the air wafted over me
and made me weep
for we are not together
for the first time.

He emerged out of the night
and said light up for me. The night met me
and blew my candle out
don't ask me how I found my way.

Toward you my heart was the guide
whoever burns with longing
goes on burning
and for the first time
we are not together.