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Confira a Letra Everything

Faith and Fire


Well-isn't it a great big world?
And-don't you wanna be someone?
Well-do you don't you wanna make your stand?
Yeah-if you wanna walk like a man,
you only gotta raise your hand & walk on...
Yeah- everything is gonna be allright
Hey-you wanna live your whole life long -
Alone - and never get to sing your song?
Well-that ain't the way it's s'posed to be.
aHey-I'm only tryin to make you free,
& if U wanna walk with me - c'mon...
Yeah- everything
is gonna be allright
You'll be my eyes, and we shall be lovers,
and I'll be your voice, forsaking all others,
and we shall be one, in a place of our own.
Yeah- everything is gonna be allright.