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Confira a Letra Love Is A Sweet Thing

Faith Hill

Love Is A Sweet Thing

He was sitting on the corner with a bottle of beer
And the same shopping cart he'd been pushing for years
A big smile on his face like the first day of spring
All the people looked the other way, but they heard him sing
He sang...

Love is a sweet thing
He sang
Love is a sweet thing

She shot out of Texas like a bullet from a gun
With a van full of hippies in a band on the run
She didn't wanna be famous, she just wanted to play
At old dive bars and pool halls, she got up on stage
And she sang...


It's everywhere you look
If you look hard enough
It's really not too hard to see
And once you've put your arms around it
You can never get too much
Love is a sweet, sweet thing

It's in the smile of a stranger
It's in the eye of a child
On the corner of a crowded street
It's everywhere around us
It's always growing wild
Love is a sweet thing


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