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Confira a Letra Puerile Scumbag

Fall Of Carthage

Puerile Scumbag

Friday night
What you up to?
Join the crowd
Skip the skeptical
Wait a minute bitch
Come on in
Everyone is in
Come on, move ya silk thong!

What's that thing? Prada?
With a body like that baby
You'll wake the gorilla

I would like to go down your ditches!
Oh! No!
What? No?
You're daddy's well-bred sweetie?
With a capricorn-tat round your belly b?
Let's put on your BFFs strap-on
And roll down the alleyway

Aha, yeah

And I'm having some good intentions
Not to mention hypertension
Let's leave the jimmy hat out of this
For the real feel
No big deal, huh?

Spread your wings bitch
Say 'Open sesame'
What's it all about, what's it?
What's it all about, what's it?

Doing it wrong
Got your pimp attitude from
Porn and then some

Since the age of thirteen there's a handgun
To make them do whatever you want
You learned from your daddy how to treat the girls
When he slapped ya mama and tore her curls
Monkey see monkey do, that's why
You'll stay at the end of the longest line
Think about it douchebag!