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Confira a Letra Fallen Sanctuary

Fallen Sanctuary

Fallen Sanctuary

As we watch, as we fail to see
Changes come, forever neverending
As we listen, we choose not to hear
Vacant hearts who purify complacency and fear

Thought bestows you free will that none can fight
Immune to wrath from blinded minds

As they slumber, as they fade away
Our memories burn
And shine upon this tarnished kingdom still

What once was whole shall be again
Fallen Sanctuary, immortalized

Nothing is in vain, no this is not the end
Proud to stand alone, locked inside a heart of stone
Life is just a stage, where we can choose our part
And leave the fools behind
Born of fire my wrath aligns

Can't you see, hollow lives lived in hypocrisy
Can't you see, through the cracks in this fallacy
And slip through the lines

Conceived of wrath, reborn in fire
Fallen Sanctuary, awake the new beginning