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Confira a Letra The Coming Storm

Fallen Sanctuary

The Coming Storm

Inherit the fires light and watch it fade
Stand down and take a look at the ashes gray

Now we understand, we were led astray
All but none left to fight
The abyss of darkness paints their faces

Can the ages remain undone
Centuries of thought are gone

Bled away, into the pool of oblivion
Wash away, the legacy that is our freedom
We shall defy this tyranny
We shall awaken our world to see

I see clearly the fate of those who came before
Hiding in shadows, lost inside this
Calm before the storm

The Coming Storm

Justify the secrets
Remnants untold of the life you would deny us
Hollow lives forever more

Nothing left but for us to take this road forgotten
Time to take our humanity from those who take it away

I see clearly the fate of those who came before
Controlled through the answers
To the question we never thought to ask