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Confira a Letra Dirty

Staring at my reflection, seeing the wrongs I've done,
In the face of rejection I should learn to hold my tongue.
So I'll toss this robe so clean into the pit that is me,
And watch it stain so dark, so dark you cannot see
The white tight underneath, but you try with bloodshot eyes.

And you'll leave me there to die.

My mind fights to grasp this life,
While I stumble and trip on the line.
Wish a rope would come my way, pull me from this pit of lies,
I've been cheated by the best, shove your lies into my chest.

And you'll leave me there to die,
When you've lost your love for me.
As you choke on your lies and steal some breath from me,
Remember when death comes to you a new life is waiting for me.

You know that your heart is a stone, made to crush the weak and powerless
Everyone you touch, turned to stone.
Left alone, never to trust again or find an end,
To the hatred deep in their bones.
Your heart truly is a stone, that rolls over and over and over my heart,
But I won't let you tear me apart.
I won't let you tear me apart.

So I'll learn to walk away,
Find myself a brighter day.
I know these wounds will heal, but the scars will still remain,
So I'll learn to wear them proud
As I leave you behind me now.