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Confira a Letra Banished

Falls of Rauros


Barren. Dollow. desolate.
Burdened by the weight of emptiness and failure.
I thought I heard them whisper..

"Come home to us and sleep once more blanketed by stars
And breathe again the air uncorrupted
And tread upon the footpaths of those who you've cast aside
Wade into the waters flowing, winding
Never to contemplate these cursed thoughts again"
This is sorrow. This in no way defines us
How can we be so careless?
The vision is calling, is piercing our hearts
We cannot dwell here idle while this violence goes on

Banished. Ariven out of existence. a curse upon the earth
Always under the banner of progress and feigned elevation
Know that this culture will dissolve. It is the natural conclusion
This cannot persist much longer
One day we'll build upon the ruins of this dead world