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Confira a Letra Awaiting The Fire Or Flood That Awakes I

Falls of Rauros

Awaiting The Fire Or Flood That Awakes I

Traced back. followed to the root of our violence and destruction.
Our culture devours our home and renders listless our bodies
Til death-urge prevails.
Our linear perception closes doors.
Strangles the truth. subdues the primal in all that lives.

This is not who we are. this. is. not.
Not one of us was born for this, yet who among you seek
The pyre that's burning in the distance?
The wildness in our hearts.
The blazing torrent we're immersed in is failing, diminishing.
Blighted by corruption and consumed.

Down below this concrete prison, dying yet always enduring
Remains a resistance to this endless cycle
Of production, consumption and spiritual rape.
Tear down every last prison.
Open all cages and disrupt the current.
Bring down all institution. rip up foundation
And love as you used to.