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Confira a Letra Arrow & Kiln

Falls of Rauros

Arrow & Kiln

No dream was blooming
When our backs arced beneath the dread
Of another day lost
Of us growing apart
Screening ourselves from each other
Our hearts become riven

I have attempted to shadow the trajectories
Sound the depth of uncertainties
Filtering loss through the apertures
To refract it with mirrors

I am seized with violence by a lust for renewal
Tending furies left unfostered
Padding across the cellars of my first years
Burying masks which seek the surface
Holding vigil in the wake of exertion
Dictating missives wholly unfocused
And confessions wholly dissembled

Belief is close kin to avarice
Wending its way to a crest
Exposed and precarious

Yet we keep our beacon marked by signal fire
Nursing an open flame, fed with an equal breath
It thus remains standing in thrall to its footing
Sworn to a vigilance perennial
Unsteady hand wielding a final arrow
Specious unbroken will
Self-doubt fingering the seams
Bewailing our impermanence