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Confira a Letra Waxen Voices

Falls of Rauros

Waxen Voices

You are changing
Because the measured world
Bared its teeth, unflinching
And demanded it of you
Because the air you breathe
Every hour feels thinner
And you were terrified not to
Because age and the mounting days
Stripped all courage from you
You are fading
As I will
Every shade of darkness
Will fill our bodies
And stay them

Can we not be formless
No instinct or enactment?
Can we not be ageless
Only a stillness?

Now that everything has become
Little more than a balancing act
Now that everyone seems
To want nothing more than
To maintain their careful pacing
We are vanishing
Into the loneliness of
Holding love back

No longer familiar
There is no clear path
We long since lost that
It is something to witness
All dissenting voices falter with time
Forever resigning