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Confira a Letra Superfishyality



Oh my feet are traveling
They take me to the border
Foreigners in hotel rooms
"Can we drink the water?"
Underground goes round round round
And leaves me in a corner
I want to be lost and found
I could be your daughter

Comfort of a tv-screen
Laughing all alone
Full on electricity
Make me feel at home
Scared of the unknown

These city streets leave you to bleed

Oh the dust is settling
It suits me like a shadow
Step out in the soaking sun
Trying to make my skin glow
No one offers me a smile
I wonder if they see me
All I do is step aside
But they don't know that feeling

Comfort of a magazine
Pictures of the beach
Girls in pink bikini tops
Give me the deceit
Good enough for me

These city streets leave you to bleed
And when you bleed
You're sinking deep

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