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Confira a Letra Home Is Where The Stars Are

Farmer Boys

Home Is Where The Stars Are

Come and take a ride with me
Up to the stars above
Far away from all the hatred here disguised as love
Come fly away with me
Where everyone's a star
And no one is ashamed to be
The creature that they are
Ground control I'm going home
It's my new destiny
So take a picture now
Cause you have seen the last of me
And there's no time for crying
No time for goodbye
It's time now for the rocketship to fly
Gravity will never hold me
Cause home is where the stars are
All alone with you

I'm gonna go with you
And live up in the skies
I've had enough of planet earth and all its life
We'll watch it on the screen
Like some bad TV show
Ground control we're going home
Along the Milkyway
So write this down cause these are the last words you'll here me say
We're flying to the future
We leave behind the past
Now wave "hello", we're coming come at last
Stardust was made just for us
Cause home is where we both belong
There where we come from
Cause home is where the stars are
All alone with you