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Confira a Letra Billy The Butcher


Billy The Butcher

Since chilshood
Billy has a passion
when he sucked his mother's breast
he felt the first pleasure
delight in mother's cunt
forbidden and heretic dreams
started to kill at ten
his father was the victim

Billy the Butcher prepears the knife
in his sick mind his mother is the wife
the holy pussy and breast
can't be touch again
Billy the Butcher is ready to strikes
Billy the Butcher, Billy the Butcher

Some weeks after
the mourning is in the end
a new husband at home
awakes Bily's despair

He stars to dig a hole
to make a grave of love
pioson in the cup
to mother and son
the husband screams in the room
whithout eyes and legs
never cheat on Billy again
at noon the mouning ends