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Confira a Letra The Black Bat

Fatima Hill

The Black Bat

Out of the deep deep forest
following an old animal trail rises an old old castle
in the silence of the forest

~There is an old legend~
Passed from generation to generation
that has weathered the years it was never to be forgotten

A wondering lad fell in love with a princess from the castle
The king was furious and imprisoned her in the tower on the top of the castle

One day a bat appeared in the window of the tower, and he said
"Let me place a kiss on your neck, and I'll set you from this room"

Having exchanged her soul for the sunlight, poor black bat
The pale light reflecting in her eyes showed everything she believe to be a lie

After the long long journey, She finally saw her lad
She called his name again and again but her cry was that of the beast

She was no longer a princess, and she had become a black bat
Her cry was only echoing through the night
Her voice did not reach to her lad