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Confira a Letra Monte Carlo Guys

Fay Lovsky

Monte Carlo Guys

You dance so well, you're moving your body like I move my tongue
So well, you must be an animal, you must be strong
Can you talk? Can you use the muscles of your lips?
Can you walk? Or do you just move yourself when you swing your hips

You've got the style: Armani, Montana & comme des Garçons
You've got the style - but I spy the mama that you got it from
Can you eat? Does she satisfy your appetite?
Can you compete with all the Monte Carlo Guys?

When you meet they're going to cut you down to size
You can't compete with all the Monte Carlo Guys
Who - Do you think you're talking to?
I couldn't afford the likes of you, go & look for a woman who will
You will lose here heart and pay all your bills

Ooh, ooh