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Confira a Letra Gentlemen And Ladies

Fay Lovsky

Gentlemen And Ladies

Look at the woman in the bedroom mirror
Checking out a dress to wear
Look at the way she's thinking the better of the way
She's dressed her hair, if you really love me baby
Gentlemen and ladies, know every trick in the book
Look at the man by the flowerstand
Checking out of a rose to wear
Look at all the money in his hand
And the way he's slicked back his hair
If you really love me baby, show me what you can do
We'll get together later, maybe
Meet for a diner for two
Oooh, the new love affair tradition
Ooh, with the old love affair's permission
Look at the man in the bedroom mirror
Checking out a dress to wear
Look at wife with her young lover
So happy they're not there