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Confira a Letra Porphyria's Lover


Porphyria's Lover

Part through the rain
And tell me where you’ve been
Stir up the hearth
And shutter out the wind

I’ll just watch, watch you smiling there
Absently wringing out your hair

Bare me your shoulder
Warm your cheek to mine
Spread out your hair
And tell me one more time

I’ll just catch, catch these yellow strands
Braid them all, with my shaking hands
I’ll just wrap, wrap your throat around
Pull it tight, don’t you make a sound

We’ll sit all through the night
Firelight, eyes still wide
You'll stay here by my side
Cheek still flush, flush to mine
O my Porphyria!
Did it hurt my little bird?
We sat all through the night,
And God ain't said
And God ain't said a word

Fiesta, My Love

I cannot hear you now
You’re somewhere under water
And if I could my breath that long I’d dive into

This is not the same
We cannot be blamed for
This is just what I’m saying

This feels just like love
This feels just like love
This feels just like love to me

No, I still cannot hear you, love
Tell me, how long have you been calling?
And if I get tripped up long enough
I’ll fall into

The summer left alone
With memories of our song
The highways creep up in the distance
That’s our home

This feels just like love
This feels just like love
This feels just like love to me