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Confira a Letra Tonight

Fighting Gemini


It’s taken me a while to shake this off,
But now i’m glad it’s over,
Every piece of guilt i can recall,
I dust it off my shoulder,
I don’t want to live my life like that,
Like i don’t even care at all,
It seemed that it was me who held you back,
So now i let you go and i fall, into loves abyss,
You know i’m gonna miss, everything but this,

Just because i found someone that doesn’t mean i’m not alone,
I can always tell when your around because i feel you in my soul and that is too damn close,
There’s got to be distance if i want to keep my sanity cuz girl believe me,
I will be like, stay with me tonight

I can walk through a hurricane, like i’m a steel soldier,
But if the slightest breeze of you should come my way,
Hell it could blow me over,
This is not a plan to get you back,
It’s just to let you know how i feel,
I can’t recall the last time that i laughed,
That’s how i knew that this was for real,
We have fell apart, but since you have been gone,
It hurts deep in my heart,

While my world spins out of control, i can barely see you at the crossroads,
I wave as i pass on by