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Confira a Letra Feels The Same

Finding Clyde

Feels The Same

I can't believe where i am now i cannot stand it
The days feel so long i try to be strong i don’t know why
Just look away i want to find something to dream about
But that’s all gone now that i see i see much clearer

Everyday feels the same everyday feels the same
Feels the same

This world so cold i try to be bold i don’t know why
I try to escape but i know my fate i can’t deny
And i lay in bed with tears in my eyes waiting for sunlight
And i can’t pretend i’m doing fine when all i want to do is hide

Everyday feels the same
Everyday feels the same

Just look away
You’ll forget me you’ll forget me someday

Everyday feels the same
Everyday feels

Everyday feels the same
Everyday feels the same
Everyday the feelings don’t change
Everyday we stay the same
Everyday i feel the same feel the same feel the same
Feel the same
I feel the same