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Fine White China

Lady From The Ground Up

So callous, breathe when you want to
I don't know what we'd amount to
but, my dear, you're the one I think about when I'm not sleeping
No im not proud to be lonely
youre were my one and my only
the tide is high, but so am I
and I'm right outside floating in a photograph field

I'm standing in the background screaming
"you and I were meant to be here" [2x]
yeah yeah yeah yeah
You are a goner

Last year when we said all our prayers
you never thought they'd find you upstarirs
with severed ears, a dutchman's tears mean nothing to a mixes beauty queen
wrapped in a gauze and a band aid
your recipe for a bad day
a smoking gun, a burning emblem of a life you never thought you'd even have to lead


and anyone would've sold those millions
would've burned most bridges
we could've shine most brilliantly
but you my dear are the one who stole my year
and i just wanted to make clear
my intention is to cut you ear to ear

leaving something far behind you
ain't the same as throwing it away.