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Confira a Letra Not Alone


Not Alone

This is a courtesy call
Do you accept the charges?
This has nothing to do with betrayal
It's about something else...

You're right
I am not alone

It was a one way ticket
To a performance from hell
Haven't made many friends
Since I started over again
We were drinking pestilence
That doesn't do it any justice
With one of the inhabitants
And they wish to tell you...

(I'd kill again if she asked me to
I'd steal more I'm to the core, if she asked me to)

I can't say I'm alive,
I can't say if I'm dead
Wanted to leave you a message
But left with her intent
They'd do this if I didn't do that
They'd do that if I didn't do this
I was an observer
Now I'm participating instead

There is no open door
You are here to stay

Became a show unattempted
In books and in rhyme
Who ever knows what comes next
Performers can assume any sex

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