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Confira a Letra None So Blind

First Blood

None So Blind

Time passes by in this coffin made of mind
Thought is not salvation from the pain
Empty dreams of what my life once was
Now my moment has come I understand

Massive weight, oblivion caves in
Tentacles of time entrap my soul
I realise that death is just the same
Even when you follow your own goals

It's a lost cause to paint one's whole life black
To live the end and never to come back
Living like this you could be fucking dead
Dying like this you should be fucking dead

Dying your life
Wasting your death
Killing your death with life

Dying your life
Wasting your death
Killing your death with life

Silence echoes the stillness of death
Unholy whisper robs you of your breath
Evil manipulates while hiding behind the Christian cross

None so blind as those who would preach their own laws
To make others do what they want them to
Infringing on a peace and happiness
Of one who only wants to find the truth