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Confira a Letra Second Season

Five Iron Frenzy

Second Season

I wonder if these minutes were my last,
if I should choose to feast or start to fast.
Would I pray or would I curse,
hope for good or something worse?
What emotion would I feel?
Would I run or would I kneel?

Time is winding down but only for this life
I want to be found enjoying the next life
I see leavees and they are starting to turn brown
They'll be green and growing when the second season comesaround

The strongest will expire just the same,
the quick will fall exactly like the lame.
I'll do nothing at the most
to keep for giving up the ghost,
try to make my shoulders broad,
but I am helpless without God


I may try to grip control,
but when for me shall this bell toll?
If the answer is to bow,
to him that makes how soon now?

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