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Confira a Letra We'll Live


We'll Live

Well I'm huntin' down the rabbit holes I saw out by the lake
You told me they grow farther from the water when it rains
I met a man who promised every one that he had changed
But there he was by the river with a rock 'tached to his waist
If it rains, the crops will grow twice as big
If it doesn't rain, we'll live

With an apple in my mouth, I bit off more than I can chew
But wash it down with whiskey and I'm left thinking of you
When maple leaves are autumn green, there's nothing I can do
But wait for them to change into something with value

So when my leaves grow dark and old
They'll be kept alive by the stories told
'Cause every word has kept me warm
Even when it's as cold as this

And I'm not alone
Your face is as white as snow

You said if it rains, the crops will grow twice as big
If it doesn't rain, I won't give a shit
'Cause there will be a cityscape where that pasture is
So if it doesn't rain, we'll live