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Confira a Letra The Pearl

Fleming and John

The Pearl

oh look I found it oh I really found it
how could such a thing be happening to me
oh please don't drop it I'd die if you lost it
you see it means the world to me
now everything we've ever wanted lies within our reach
patiently anticipating now the world lies at our feet

it could be the pearl
it could be our hope our dream our lives
it could be the pearl
the end of all our pain and strife could be the pearl

run keep on running oh I hear them coming
how could they try to take what is ours
please run faster oh they're right behind us
how much farther can we go
it possesses me controls me
it makes me run and it makes me kill
the very thing that made me strong has taken all my will

it could be the pearl...

I must take it and throw it in the ocean far far away from me
we were happy oh we were so happy
when things were the way they used to be

it could be the pearl...

or it could be a demon in disguise