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Confira a Letra Not Broken

Flip Simmons

Not Broken

I've been waiting for a long time
Did you stop and think at all?
I've been patient for a long time
You had me backed against the wall
You've been playing me this whole time
And I've played along for free
The door is never fully open
There's so much we never see


* Not broken
No guarantee
A lesser token
Flawless in defeat
Wide open
In place so actively

So we've finally set the terms now
Not so black and white you see
I could tell another story
A fateless game surrounding me
Ooo what a transformation
You didn't think that you could fall
all the missing information
was slowly breaking down the wall


There will come a day
When the pieces they will fall
I just want today
To break the fall
Let's leave it all to chance girl just let it go
Don't fight to contain it
Don't blame it
Not broken at all

(c) 2006 Kuki Tipoki and Flip Simmons

(Thanks to CShay for these lyrics)