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Confira a Letra Say Goodbye

Forever The Light

Say Goodbye

It starts with one thing,
When i look into your eyes,
I can see the sunshine.

It's not real but a beautiful dream,
I wake up and we're together,
When you said we'll never be apart?
Never be apart.
But it's over for you.
We should have seen this coming miles away.

Don't wake me up don't wake me up,
For our last goodbye,
I'd rather dream of yesterday.
Don't say a word don't say a word,
I'd rather just lie here,
Than have to watch you walk away.

That was you're fucking last chance.
There's nothing left that you can take from me.
Make no mistake i got nothing to loose,
Just walk away.
Make no mistake i got nothing to loose,
Nothing to loose.

It's not over yet,
It's not over,
I won't believe a word you say (it's not over yet)
So just shut your mouth!

I hope you'll find a new beginning, no need to say goodbye.

I wasted my time,
Wasted my life on you,
I hate all the days that i once loved,
Just let me lie, let me die here.