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Confira a Letra Up Against The Wall

Forever The Light

Up Against The Wall

Up against the wall
There's no where to go
There is no safe haven
There is no peace
Security is a rare luxury

Praying for help in your despair
The world looks down on you
Your loneliness is crushing down
And no one gives a shit

Won't live this way
Can you see it in my eyes?
‘cause i'm broken down inside

No where to turn, no where to run
You cannot find compassion
Your broken, and the world has turned its back on you

I've been there before
Feels like there’s no way out
Nothing but darkness
This world is crashing down

You can't wake up from this nightmare
Like your future is written in stone
You lost hold
You lost control
You wish it was just a bad trip

Feels like you've been condemned to hell
Feels like you're in hell tonight