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Confira a Letra Action Hero

Fountains Of Wayne

Action Hero

Sometime after sunset
He is on his hands and knees
He is searching for his keys
At a small vietnamist
Place on eastern eleven street

His daughter's both at once saying
"Can we just get going, please?"
As his wife begins to sneezee
And his son is throwing pee's
And eating with his feet

He is an Action Hero
And he should be fighting crime
Lipping between the buildings
And racing against time

He is an Action Hero (2x)
In his mind (2x)
Oh Ohhhh (2x)

He drops by Mount Sinai
Where they're running through some tests
And they've taped things to his chest
And they're all doing their best
To make him feel at his'

The doctor says "It's really just an educated guess
I suggest you get some rest
Try to cut back on the stress
'Cause i don't like what i see"

But the Action Hero
Swears he feels just fine
He's got the finish saving
The one for all mankind

He is an Action Hero (2x)
And he's racing against time (2x)
Oh Ohhhh (6x)

He's racing against time