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Confira a Letra I Surrender

Samantha Fox

I Surrender

I've got a secret I can't keep
That burns inside when I'm in my sleep
I try to hide from your memory
But you come back & it's haunting me

What will I find in this fantasy
If I go with me now will you set me free

And I surrender to the spirit of the night
I surrender (I surrender)
The darkness is my lover
And nights of pleasure
So I surrender (I surrender) to the spirit of the night

I take cover from the light of day
But you keep calling and I obey
I don't remember where I have been
But you come back to me in my dreams

What will I find in this fantasy
If I go with you now will you set me free

I surrender

I go crazy when the sun goes down
And it takes control as I hit the town
I give my body to the heat of the night
And there's no man judge if it's wrong or right

Big city lights pouring down like rain