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Confira a Letra World Destroyer

Frank Iero

World Destroyer

It's the truth not the lies that'll hurt the ones we love
So I tried my best to be good enough

Can somebody tell me if this is really happening?
If you care enough to save me, I won't let this define me
With love blind eyes things seem fine
(I wish someone would tell me, if this is really happening
If you care enough to save me, I won't let this define me)
Until they grow tired of staring into the light

Your love takes on the shape of suffering and silently I wish
That I was anybody but me
Anybody but me
Anybody but me
Your wraith
Well trained eyes find that things are not alright
It's no surprise that I got so good at fucking up
(I wish someone would tell me this isn't really happening
No one came to save me I can't let this define me)

There's times when I pretend you never made it home
When I take my time I can make things seem fine
Because I got tired of hiding you from the ones I love
(At least I thought I did)

We thought we had it all
The only thing we own is what we can give
If we can't forgive then we'll never know
How far we've really come
You're not a slave, to your past
You're not a slave

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